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You know when you're a kid and people ask you what you want to be when you grow up?  There was a while there when I would have said "Pediatric Oncologist". Before I learned how to tie my shoes, I learned how to pull myself along in a wheelchair, I learned how to strap on my monkey patterned leg brace... and I learned how to pronounce "polyostotic fibrous dysplasia & mccune-albright syndrome" 

Growing up as a sick girlie 🤪✌ in a hispanic-american household has taught me so many life lessons, but most of all it taught me how to sit on my butt and create. It started off with fun little doodles & slowly grew into digital art, then some graphic design, and maybe taking a photo or two & seeing what would happen if I posted them online.


Living in the deeply creative environment of Portland Oregon only stoked the imaginative fire within me; and all bets were off the minute I discovered Pinterest.

  Like, have you met an artists in this era who isn't obessed with Pinterest?

I've since had the amazing privilege to work with amazing artists, brands & studios on a wide range of artistic projects. From illustrating book covers, to working Vis Dev children's cartoons, to collaborating with marketing teams in mapping out photo, video & social media content.


I've always thought it's kind of cool how something as life altering as decaying bones & dodgy health is what set me on the journey to find my deepest passion: Making Beautiful things. this. You wont regret it

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